THAT’S NOT ME (2017)

‘Australia’s Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig.
Foulcher is a sharp-tongued, stiff-necked, magnetic force of nature.’
 The Guardian ★★★★

‘Absolutely charming… Whip-smart…
A really interesting new voice in cinema.’

–  ABC News Breakfast

‘Bursting with comedy, humanity and interesting ideas.’
– The Age

‘Foulcher conveys low self-esteem with the comedic flair of a Kristin Wiig.’
Time Out ★★★★

‘The perfect blend of comedy and tragedy.’
Huffington Post

‘One of the most promising and original Australian films in years.’
– AWFJ Women on Film

THAT’S NOT ME is Moccasin Films’s debut feature from writer/director Gregory Erdstein and actor/writer Alice Foulcher. Ranked #5 of The Guardian’s Top 10 Australian films of 2017, That’s Not Me was an indie breakout critical success, with a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 86% and almost entirely positive reviews. It achieved Audience Awards at both the 2017 Sydney Film Festival (4th place) and 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival (9th place), and was released in cinemas across Australia in September 2017. Alice Foulcher also received a Best Actress nomination for the 2018 Australian Film Critics Association (AFCA) awards. In 2020 THAT’S NOT ME was shortlisted by the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) for the Byron Kennedy Award as one of the Top 12 Australian Indie Features of the decade.

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Polly’s dreams of making it as an actor are shattered when her identical twin sister Amy catapults to international stardom. Mistaken for her famous sister at every turn, Polly scrambles to catch up – juggling woeful auditions, painfully awkward dates and her underwhelming job at the local cinema. Running out of options, Polly takes an ill-advised trip to the coalface of celebrity dreams: Los Angeles, California. There Polly begins to realise that maybe there’s no such thing as ‘making it’ after all.

With a breakout performance from Alice Foulcher in dual roles as Polly and Amy, and backed by a sparkling ensemble cast of established and emerging actors, THAT’S NOT ME is a feel-good comedy about the difference between failure and disappointment. Writer/director Gregory Erdstein and actor/writer Foulcher burst onto screens as a fresh new voice in Australian cinema, with their smart, hilarious and touching debut feature.

2017 Santa Barbara International Film Festival (World Premiere)
2017 Sydney Film Festival (Australian Premiere WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD TOP 10)
2017 Raindance Film Festival (European Premiere)
2017 Melbourne International Film Festival (WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD TOP 10)
2017 New Zealand International Film Festival
2017 Brisbane International Film Festival
2017 Phoenix Film Festival
2017 Palm Beach International Film Festival
2017 Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival
2017 Great Barrier Reef International Film Festival
2017 Byron Bay Film Festival
2017 Festival des Antipodes
2017 Chennai International Film Festival
2018 Screenwave International Film Festival
2018 Peninsula Film Festival

Getting THAT’S NOT ME from script to screen took 3.5 years of hard work. See how it all went down, 1 second at a time…