New Year’s Eve 1999, Minnie discovers a time travelling tequila that takes her back to the start of the night, giving her a bottle’s worth of shots to change the course of her millennium.

Y2K is nigh. Minnie Vernon has fulfilled her ambition of becoming an anaesthetist, but after witnessing her ex have a baby with his new partner, she realises there is something missing in her life. That something could be the return of her on-again-off-again-old-flame Joe, who is back from New York to ring in the new millennium with their closest friends.

Armed with a mysterious bottle of tequila, Minnie arrives at a swanky beach house down the coast, only to discover that Joe has returned with his new girlfriend, Alice. But when Minnie walks into a glass door and breaks her nose, Joe comforts her with a bag of frozen peas, and they share a moment. A fumbled almost kiss. There’s still a chance…

Things go downhill fast and when the clock strikes Y2K, Joe proposes to Alice. Minnie watches on, single, alone and nursing a badly broken nose.

She turns to the tequila, takes a shot and is transported back in time, to the moment she first arrived at the party.

Minnie realises she has a bottle’s worth of shots to relive the night, win Joe’s heart and start the millennium right.

As Minnie tries to alter the course of events, things quickly unravel. No matter what she does, she can’t escape herself, and ultimately must learn to live with the consequences of her choices.

ONE MORE SHOT is a film that asks, does a woman literally have to tear the fabric of time and space to have it all?

ONE MORE SHOT was developed with support from VicScreen and Screen Australia and is currently in production.